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OSME Showcase

OSME Showcases


This collection highlights our manufacturing ecosystem collaboration in action – take a look what collaboration can achieve.

We have exciting cases to share

OSME is enabling a shift from a traditional linear value stream to a more resilient, collaborative network that is based on a digital foundation. By sharing Use Cases we can increase understanding of improvement areas and foster proactive planning of activities resulting in reduced lead times, traceability and feedback loops, optimized logistics, and better quality with less effort. This method also allows us to build competences together through concrete learnings and shared understanding of each other’s challenges by sharing data and information.

OSME Showcase:

Striving for Excellence in Collaboration

Manufacturing today faces a moment of unprecedented change. Climate change and digitalization require shorter lead times and increased adaptability while geopolitical tensions create uncertainty regarding the supply of critical materials. To excel, manufacturers must work more closely with their partners.

Read how OSME has used collaboration and knowledge sharing to move to the next level


OSME Showcase:

Visibility of Engine Block Manufacturing

In March 2020 Kilkanen, a Leinolat Group company, acquired the engine block machining center and engine block manufacturing from Wärtsilä. This meant that Kilkanen moved its operations to a new factory located in Vaskiluoto in the immediate vicinity of Wärtsilä’s Sustainable Technology Hub and intensified its collaboration with Wärtsilä to improve productivity.

Read how increased visibility in the manufacturing of engine blocks has increased capacity utilization


OSME Showcase:

Co-development from Concept to Implementation

Fastems began development of a solution for part manufacturing customers to lead and develop manufacturing with data – Manufacturing Intelligence Software. To ensure the best possible product market fit, Fastems wanted to engage manufacturing companies in customer requirements studies, interviews, concept development, and testing. To conduct such concept development and kick off the actual development phase, Fastems needed development-oriented, forward-looking lead customers to utilize the digitalization opportunities.

Read how Fastems achieved a win-win co-development relationship with Tasowheel



OSME Showcase:

Factory Digital Twin

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is important to be able to monitor the status of your factory, its manufacturing process, and related resources in real time. It is essential to easily identify potential problem areas and drill down into the more detailed data associated with them.

Read how The decision-making process could be improved by Roima Intellligence and Sandvik Turku


OSME Showcase:

Issue Management

Companies have found that using a common platform to manage deviations has improved process transparency in both directions, reducing the time taken to resolve an issue by joining forces to find the right root cause analysis to prevent other problems. To address this challenge, Wärtsilä and Roima Intelligence joined forces to design a new common process and data flow for how to share deviations in a secure way and to bring added value to companies sharing information between each other.

Read how Wärtsilä and Roima Intelligence improved the issue management by joining their forces



OSME Showcase:

Increased Visibility of Order Delivery Process

Uwira, a Leinolat Group company, and Wärtsilä have worked together in OSME to enhance the transparency of the production order management processes. The existing communication methods have proven inadequate in facilitating efficient and adaptable exchanges between the two entities. By facilitating transparency and fostering a more seamless integration between the IT systems of both companies, the management of product orders can be streamlined, resulting in heightened efficiency and a reduction in errors.

Read how Uwira, VTT and Wärtsilä manage to foster collaborative problem solving and increase resilience to disruptions.


OSME Showcase:

OSME Platform Architecture

For an ecosystem to enable its participants to share information, a common platform must be put in place to make this possible. Large corporations have, for decades, offered their suppliers this
type of service, through portals and similar arrangements. However, the challenge is that individual suppliers must then use separate portals for each large customer. OSME aims to develop a common platform architecture that can be used by the Finnish mechanical engineering sector, enabling information sharing and therefore accelerating transformation of processes as well as bridging the digital divine among SMEs.

Read how OSME has used collaboration and knowledge sharing through leveraging the API management


OSME Showcase:

OSME IT-Platform – Integration as a Service

OEMs prefer a modern integration architecture and efficiently built integration with APIs. Meanwhile, there are many SME companies without the competencies to offer API-based interfaces or an integration built by themselves. Integration as a Service is a cloud platform and toolbox enabling SME companies without a corresponding platform of their own, to provide API interfaces and related integration capabilities.

Read how OSME has created more affordable API-based integration capabilities for SMEs and benefits of the data sharing economy


OSME Showcase:

OSME Experience Barometer

The research community is actively creating a new understanding and studying the collaborative dynamics of innovation ecosystems, e.g., the emergence and evolution of new business models. During the OSME project, the participating partners’ views on the operation and the benefits of the collaboration were collected regularly.

Read more about the results and benefits of the OSME experience barometer study


OSME Showcase:

OSME Maturity Tool

Manufacturing companies, especially SMEs are struggling with resource constraints and knowledge gaps that slow down their digitalization efforts and investments in the green transition. A dedicated maturity tool helps companies realize their current digitalization level and compare their situation to other companies. The visual result enables the identification of the most important development areas.

Read more about how researchers of VTT developed the OSME maturity model together with the OSME member companies.

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