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20 October 2019

MEX Finland members participate on DeburringEXPO in Karlsruhe together with Tampere University

Representatives from the companies participating in the Intelligent Manufacturing in Ecosystems (IME) project participated in the DeburringEXPO in Karlsruhe 8.-10.10. The Expo focused on deburring and finishing technologies for machining. 

During the first day of DeburringEXPO, the team together with the delegation from Tampere University focused on mapping different deburring technologies to gain novel insights to less known technologies, such as vibratory deburring, abrasive flow deburring, electro-chemical machining, thermal deburring, and blasting deburring. During the second day, the team focused on mechanical deburring methods and robotics, as well as continued to fill the gaps related to alternative technologies. 

The visited companies included for example Extrude Hone GmbH, that offers solutions in abrasive flow deburring, thermal deburring, and electro-chemical machining, KADIA, that offers robotized solutions and specialty brushes, and Xebec offering mechanical deburring. Also, Technische Universität Darmstadt’s researcher Adrian Meinhard was present to showcase his research group’s work. 

The DeburringEXPO provided actionable insights to the developments in deburring, and new potential solutions were identified. A detailed report on the findings of DeburringEXPO along with an evaluation of different deburring methods is available to MEX Finland members in the members’ area.