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1 May 2023

Sharing experiences

On May 9th, Business Finland will host a launch event for its new Data Economy program. This program will address what the data economy means for businesses and how to leverage the power of data-sharing in networks. The aim of the Data Economy program is to encourage Finnish companies to develop international business based on the utilization and sharing of data. The program will continue until the end of 2027.

The launch event will include networking opportunities facilitated by a selection of organizations with mini stands where they will present their experiences. KONE, Konecranes, and Nokia are among the companies sharing experiences from their Veturi projects. Business Finland has also invited us to present the Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystems initiative, which Business Finland describes as being led by Wärtsilä together with its partners and initiated by MEX Finland.

This invitation proves that what OSME is doing is of interest to others as well. We think that OSME can be proud of two achievements thus far. Firstly, it has genuinely been able to find a way for a diverse set of companies to work together, whereby the path forward has been jointly defined by all participants through an open and productive dialogue. Secondly, the collaborative development of the digital platform enabling the sharing of production data between large manufacturing companies and their suppliers will also be something unique.

As OSME has only been running for just over a year, it is important to be humble in front of the challenges of properly verifying the initial results and implementing them in real production environments. The opportunity to engage in discussions with the participants in the Business Finland Data Economy program presents an opportunity for OSME to share the experiences with other companies that might be interested in joining OSME in the future.

OSME invites new members to expand the ecosystem, creating OSME 2.0. If you are interested in joining OSME, please contact Christian Sundman (christian.sundman(a) or Niklas Koski (niklas.koski(a)