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13 September 2021

MEX Finland at the Subcontracting Fair Finland 2021

This year’s Subcontracting Fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre will be from 21.-23.9.2021.

We will be present at booth A1003. Additionally, together with our community members, we will run a seminar on Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation on Tuesday the 21.9. from 13:00 -15:00. Check the fair program for more information.

If you are in the vicinity, come say ‘hello’ and join the discussions.

Register here to get your free One-Day pass:

We are looking forward to seeing you at Alihankinta 

Inspiring Manufacturing Transformation Seminar

Tähtien Sali 21.9. 13.00-15.30

MEX is a community building transformative capabilities to realize carbon-neutral manufacturing that embraces digitalization. The seminar will discuss collaborative examples of resilient and sustainable manufacturing.

Seminar agenda:

  • How is the manufacturing landscape changing?, Johan Wallin, Synocus
  • From subcontracting to life cycle services, Jarmo Kuikka, Tasowheel
  • Seamless information sharing to enable intelligent material flow management, Outi Kettunen & Teemu Salonen, Logisnext
  • How to drive manufacturing excellence?, Timo Laitinen, Sandvik
  • Can Finnish manufacturing excel – again?, Antti Zitting, Sacometal
  • Where do we go from here?, Kaj Hulkkonen, Synocus

At the end of the seminar, we have reserved time for networking with coffee and snacks. The seminar is open to everyone, free of charge, and doesn’t require pre-registration.

This is MEX Finland

MEX enables the transformation of Finnish manufacturing by supporting its embrace of the opportunities brought by digitalization and adaption to the requirements of sustainability.  Products and services are becoming increasingly integrated and product life cycles shortened. This necessitates accelerated development cycles as well as broader engagement. As a result, competitiveness is best improved through engagement in demanding projects that foster joint learning and development among a community.

Driving excellence.

Developing advanced projects towards carbon-neutral manufacturing and an embrace of digitalization.

Manufacturing excellence is built on insightfulness, engagement, and competence.

Insightfulness. We carefully screen and select the initiatives we support, ensuring they support transformation. We believe content comes first. We also need to ensure that our limited resources are dedicated to something with true impact. Combining technology, product, service, and process development means that our projects create strategic benefits for the participants.

Engagement. Achieving a significant transformation calls for long-term commitment and seamless collaboration among a group of actors who share our high ambitions. MNEX is firmly rooted in Finland but engages world leading experts. Successful projects enable MEX Finland to expand its influence and broaden its membership base.

Competence. We represent a community embodying a strong collaborative culture and representing both leading-edge manufacturing and information technology. MEX Finland enhances the competence of individuals, companies, and institutions. Systemic projects support operational excellence and secure transformational relevance.


Building joint transformative capability in a community of peers.

Reliability, agility, and sustainability. These are today’s industrial requirements that put the transformation of manufacturing at center stage. Reliability has translated into resilience when component shortages have disrupted manufacturing output. A systemic approach is needed to take responsibility for the entire value-creation system in respect of both reliability and sustainability. Manufacturing must bring together the material and information flows that either keep pace with customers’ rising expectations.

Climate change and pandemics brutally reveal the vulnerability of our society. The manufacturing industries face one of the greatest industrial changes ever. The climate regulations set on national and supranational levels impact all areas of industry. The transformation is an opportunity for a Finnish manufacturing sector capable of leading the change instead of merely following the change it chooses.


Inspiring and promoting new ideas through innovation collaboration.

Transformation can only be brought about by people with a range of experience and expertise who are capable of sharing this information and learning together. This forces us to learn from each other in a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences to satisfy customers and stay competitive.

The challenge of modern manufacturing also lies in accepting increased uncertainty and learning to trust each other. Individuals are called upon to expand beyond formal organization structures, the inspiration for this should come from the work we do together. MEX Finland fosters and strengthens such a mindset.


The best solutions are created in collaboration.

MEX welcomes new members from business, government, and research who have the interest to contribute to transform the Finnish manufacturing sector.

As member of MEX Finland, you and your organization have the opportunity to transform the manufacturing landscape and steer the development through open and trustful collaboration with the leaders of our industry. You can use the MEX community to strengthen your ambitions by initiating a new innovative project and also benefit from the development done by other members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact MEX Finland:



Phone: +358 9 62 262 631

Street address: Bulevardi 5 A 5, 00120 Helsinki, Finland