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11 November 2020

MEX Finland engaging members together with Nokia

Together with Nokia, MEX Finland organized a webinar at the end of October that offered MEX Finland members a possibility to discuss collaboration opportunities with Nokia’s Unlocking Industrial 5G project, one of the winners of Business Finland’s challenge competition. The discussion focused on joint development opportunities between current and potential MEX Finland members.

The basis for the Nokia initiative is the rapid roll-out of 5G networks across the world. Jarkko Pellikka, Program Director, Industrial 5G at Nokia, explained that Nokia wants to take full advantage of Finland being one of the early adopter markets. This represents considerable opportunities for industrial 5G. Nokia focuses on certain vertical sectors such as mining, energy, manufacturing, automotive, shipping, and airports. This is expected to catalyze large-scale digitalization across industries. Key benefits will be increased safety, sustainability, and efficiency through the deployment of 5G technology.

As part of the Unlocking Industrial 5G project and Nokia’s development work in general, Pellikka emphasized the importance of the ecosystem dimension. Finland is a great place for research, testing, and validation as we have top-level expertise in connectivity and in various industry verticals. By bringing together research, product development, and global industrial organizations, we can advance digital transformation and realize its benefits.

Jarkko Pellikka invites MEX Finland members and other interested parties to be in direct contact with him if they have concrete ideas for leveraging on this opportunity offered by Nokia with the support of Business Finland. For more information on the Business Finland sponsored project see its roadmap.

Jarkko Pellikka can be reached at first.last @

Member updates

Based on its ambition to be the most-wanted, industry-driven ecosystem shaping and implementing an ‘Industry 5.0’ agenda in Finland, MEX Finland is actively engaging its members and other stakeholders to develop the collaboration. As the orchestration partner of MEX Finland, Synocus is, during November, gathering information from the members regarding the possible changes in priorities due to Covid-19. The feedback will be summarized in a status report which will distributed to all members before the end of the year. Particular emphasis will be placed on three topics: ideas for new projects, other joint activities that MEX Finland should promote, and the direction for expanding the MEX Finland community.

During the October webinar, two project ideas were presented by Sandvik and Wärtsilä. Sandvik’s Self-Tuning Sustainable Manufacturing will focus on establishing a self-tuning manufacturing platform, developing digital production offering, and promoting sustainability. Wärtsilä’s project Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem in turn aims at connecting industries in a network by establishing an open industrial ecosystem based on data sharing benefitting from the Smart Technology Hub. The ambition is to encourage co-creation and innovation around digital innovation applied to the heavy industry.

For more information please contact Timo Laitinen (first.last @ and Juha Päivike (first.last @