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4 September 2020

MEX Finland selects new Board and sets direction forward

The MEX Finland association (MEX Finland ry) convened a meeting on June 15th, 2020 in which the association selected its new Board members as follows:

  • Chairman: Juha Päivike (Wärtsilä)
  • Vice-Chairman: Jarmo Kuikka (Tasowheel)
  • Timo Laitinen (Sandvik)
  • Harri Nieminen (VTT)
  • Mikko Nyman (Fastems)
  • Risto Raunio (Roima Intelligence)
  • Johan Wallin (Synocus)

The members of the Board then prepared a proposal regarding the MEX Finland ecosystem’s operating model, membership fee structure, and relationship with the ecosystem’s orchestrator Synocus. This proposal was approved in full at the MEX Finland ecosystem’s annual Autumn meeting on August 25th, 2020, held in the form of a virtual meeting.

The Autumn meeting approved the Board’s suggested action plan for 2021. The MEX Finland ecosystem will continue to pursue its vision, defined as “MEX Finland is the most wanted industry-driven ecosystem shaping and implementing an ‘Industry 5.0’ agenda in Finland.” through the following measures:

  • MEX Finland generates two new co-innovation projects (or similar) during 2020 and two additional ones during 2021​.
  • MEX Finland attracts at least ten new members until the end of 2021, and two of these members have been driving the development of two new successful co-innovation project applications.​
  • MEX Finland has been able to establish a continuous flow of new insights and information sharing through its communication platform, which also includes three permanent non-Finnish contributors.​

The Autumn meeting also briefed members on the progress made in the ongoing projects. The growth engine initiative, Adaptive Industrial Loops (AIL), supported by Business Finland has progressed according to plan and is well positioned to respond to crucial themes affecting the industry at present, namely: the restructuring of supply chains, digitalization, and sustainability. Representatives of Business Finland present at the meeting supported the ecosystem in addressing these themes and praised its flexibility in addressing arising challenges and encouraged companies to consider the competitive advantage brought about by increased sustainability.

Business Finland representatives also encouraged members of the ecosystem to consider European Union funding programs such as the Green Deal alongside opportunities offered through Business Finland’s funding mechanisms such as the Sustainable Manufacturing program. The ecosystem will now focus on developing two joint projects to serve as significant references cases for the advantages of the ecosystem model approach the members take to problem solving.

If you are interested in hearing more about the MEX Finland ecosystem, please contact Niklas Koski via email (firstname.lastname at