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24 February 2020

Nordic Innovation: The Nordic manufacturing industry is going circular

Nordic Innovation is seeking companies to join their Nordic manufacturing 2020 workshops.

In the fall of 2019, 60 Nordic companies in four ecosystems participated in circular workshops to develop their knowledge about circular economy tools, collaborate with other Nordic companies and to pilot new ideas in their respective ecosystems.

Nordic Innovation now launches the latest iteration of the project Circular Business Models in the Nordic Manufacturing Industry – Ecosystem Perspective. The workshops are free of charge, and the required investment is only your time, engagement and travel to workshop locations around the Nordics.

Workshop participants will be given the knowledge and tools to lead in the transition towards a circular economy. The objective is to develop collaborative pilots across industry ecosystems, that can be scaled to spur successful transition towards a circular economy, which is critical for innovation and continued economic growth.

The workshops will begin in May, participants meet during the spring 2020 in four workshop sessions, focusing on identifying circular value opportunities, business model innovation and finally outlining and planning the journey towards launching a pilot.

The circular workshops focus on the four ecosystems

  • Machinery & equipment
  • Transportation
  • Maritime
  • Energy & Construction

The project is open to application for both small and medium sized businesses, large enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations, active in the Nordics.

Read more about the program and workshops here.